Programs for children

Children will learn to read, memorise and understand (Tafseer) the Quran at the completion of the relevant program. Classes can be taken as one three hour lesson or two 90 minute sessions per week with a maximum of seven students per class.  Each term consists of 10 week of classes. The 11th and final week of the term is personal and Islamic development week where students are usually taken on an excursion or participate in various activities.


Details of our programs are as follows:

Pre-Kindy and Junior program (suitable for children aged three to 11 years old) – 

The pre-kindy and junior program is the ideal program to develop reading basics for young students so that they will be ready for reading the Quran. Your child is taught using the Qaedah Al Nooraniyah method.  Teachers also concentrate on developing and instilling a love for learning the Quran.

It also includes some basic Islamic knowledge, memorisation and tafseer of chapter 30 of the Quran and selected athkar and duaa. Students will also be taught how to pray in the proper manner between the ages of 9 and 12 years old. This program is guaranteed to equip your child with the prerequisites necessary for the following programs outlined below and forms a solid base for learning to recite the Quran. 


Kindy Connection (suitable for children aged four years old, 12 hours per week) 

This is an Islamic and academic kindergarten preparation program with a focus on Arabic, English, literacy, numeracy and beginner's Islamic studies. It is a one year, progressive program based on the NSW curriculum. It involves continuous assessment and weekly homework.

Students will have a graduation ceremony the completion of the program to recognise their achievements.



Teenage program (suitable for children aged 12 to 16 years old) -

The teenage program is a segregated class that consists of Arabic language studies, tajweed rules and Quran memorisation of chapter 29. It also covers intermediate Islamic knowledge including aqeedah, fiqh and tafseer suitable for the student's level. Students will also be taught how to pray in the proper manner between the ages of 9 and 12 years old. 

With a heavy focus on motivation, this program aims to instil the right Islamic character in Muslim adolescence while ensuring they learn to read, memorise and understand the Quran.