Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who runs AlFirdaus Quran College and when was it established?
AlFirdaus Quran College was established in 2005 by a group of seven brothers with a long history of daw'ah activities in Australia. Mr Mazen Fahme is the college manager and Mrs Elham Benshatwan is the head teacher at AlFirdaus. It began with only 15 students and now has hundreds of students studying and this number is continously growing with the help of Allah SWT.


2. Who can enrol to study at AlFirdaus?
Children as young as three years old can study at AlFirdaus. Whether you're at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level in your Arabic reading, recitation and writing ability, AlFirdaus can accommodate you.


3. How many AlFirdaus teaching centres are there?
There are currently five teaching centres in NSW: Auburn, Bankstown, Blacktown, Hurstville and Liverpool.


4. What qualifications do you need to become a teacher at AlFirdaus?


5. Can I study at AlFirdaus if I work or study full-time?
You can study at AlFirdaus even if you work or study full-time as flexible class hours and times are available to suit those with a busy schedule.


6. What kind of courses do AlFirdaus offer?
Quran reading, tafseer, memorisation, Arabic for Quran and classical Arabic courses.


7. How do I enrol to study at AlFirdaus?
Fill out the online enquiry form, send us an email at or call 9791 6777. 


8. What do enrolment fees cover?
Enrolment fees cover administration, staff and general costs associated with the running of a college.


9. Is AlFirdaus a business or not-for-profit organisation?
AlFirdaus is an unaffiliated, not-for-profit organisation that re-invests heavily into the quality of the teachers and resources at the college. It is a waqf.


10. What are the class and term times?
Depending on the class, lessons usually run for three or 1.5 hours week. Terms are aligned with NSW school terms and run for 11 weeks in total.