Program summary

The program: The Qaedah Al Nooraniyah program is the teaching method used at the college. It combines the learning of Arabic, Quran and the rules of recitation into one program.

Number of students per class: Classes generally have no more than seven students.

Teachers: All teachers must have completed all or the majority of the Qaedah Al Nooraniyah program teacher's course to be able to teach.

Term structure: four terms per year. Each term has 10 weeks of face-to-face classes and one week of an Islamic extracurricular or personal development activity or lesson, such as an excursion or a workshop.

Learning environment: Our learning environment is constructive and conducive to learning in an Islamic manner. Students are motivated to excel and positive reinforcements are used to reward student achievements.

Our classes are painted in different colours and the young students have their own mini whiteboards to maximise their engagement in the class material. The classes are designed to make students feel uplifted and motivated to learn.

Safety: We have a centre manager on duty at all times at each of our centres. Our college centres are child-friendly and are designed to minimise risk or accidents where possible. Teachers walk children to the bathroom to ensure they are never left alone.

Resources: AlFirdaus uses the Qaedah Al Nooraniyah book and DVD but also provides supplementary material to support the class work and homework. Supplementary material is specialised and developed in-house by the college.  All resources required used can be purchased from the front desk at all of our centres.

Holiday Programs: In the final week of every term, students take part in special and unique extracurricular activities. These events are focused on developing confidence, character, and skill acquisition in your children by engaging them in various activities.

Holiday options are also provided through the summer holiday program.