What our parents and students have to say...

It is very special and it teaches me religion.

Fayez Helou, 12 years old

It brings me closer to my religion and I learn a lot.

Ryad, 11 years old

I learn a lot of Quran and get to get creative.

Jamal Al Hassan, 8 years old

When you want to go in class you feel that your confident and you know that the teachers are going to help you a lot.

Hannah, 9 years old

I am active and I have fun at AlFirdaus.

Ibrahim Mohamad, 6 years old

It is fun, creative and I enjoy the Quran part of it.

Zakariah Soufy, 8 years old

AlFirdaus is a great school, all the teachers are friendly and we have lots of fun.

Basma, 9 years old

I like to come here because it is fun.

Abdullah Boksmati, 6 years old

We are delighted with the teaching standards, staff and all-round culture and performance of AlFirdaus Quran College. Its professional staff and administration have set a benchmark in Australia and we can highly commend AlFirdaus Quran College.

Mona and Talal Yassine

My nephews and nieces go there [AlFirdaus Quran College] and I’m so proud at how well they are doing. It’s nice to see your four-year-old nephew standing next to you in prayer and reciting the Quran with you.

Hanah Omari

I went there [AlFirdaus Quran College] to learn tajweed from scratch...and I mean literally from scratch as I started from the alphabet. I took the adults classes which consisted of sisters from the age of 16 up to someone who was over 50...but we were all on the same level. They do it in small classes and they have tests as well. The courses are well structured and well delivered. Management and teachers are great masha’Allah. My class was also flexible as we were all working sisters. The classes were full of so much barakah...as you would expect in any gathering where the glorious Quran is recited. I would highly recommend it.

Shahrin Masud