Classical Arabic

Arabic grammar and morphology are essential to understanding the Quran and nuances in its translation. Our program teaches students how to read, write, speak and understand Classical Arabic (also known as fus-ha) through the analysis of chapters/verses in the Quran.

Our curriculum helps students build a strong foundation in the Arabic language by building their vocabulary, writing, grammar (syntax), and comprehension. Students will learn to translate, interpret and converse fluently with others on a wide range of topics and texts, including the Quran and hadith.

Classes are age-and-ability specific and are taught by expert Classical Arabic teachers.


Target age: 3+ years old

Length of class: 1.5 hours

Frequency: Once a week


  • Monday or Saturday at Auburn
  • Thursday or Saturday at Bankstown

Duration: 10 weeks per term; 4 terms a year

Pre-requisites:  Student must be competent in reading Quran/Arabic sentences

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