Classical Arabic

Often, Muslims find themselves limited by the Arabic language – an essential element to their ability to read/recite and connect with the Quran and get a more thorough understanding of Islam. Our Arabic Life program for Classical Arabic aims to develop a community of Arabic speakers. It involves providing students with listening and reading material that are both interesting and comprehensible. In the Advanced level, after students have achieved a high language of competence, Arabic sciences will be introduced and explored. 

The adults Arabic program is divided into three years: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The kids program is also divided into three years. All courses are currently taught by Ustadh Mukhlis Mah.

To learn more about our range of programs, please visit the links below:

Kids Program 9-12 years Fact Sheet

Adults Beginner Program Fact Sheet

Adults Intermediate Program Fact Sheet

Adults Advanced Program Fact Sheet


Target age: From 9 years old

Length of class: 1.5 – 4 hours

Frequency: Once or twice a week

Availability: See fact sheets

Duration: 10 weeks per term; 4 terms a year

Pre-requisites:  See fact sheets

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