Tahseen Telawah

Tahseen telawah concentrates on mastering the fundamental recitation principles of the Quranic Arabic script to enable students to fluently and confidently read the Quran. Students are given the opportunity to recite new and previously studied chapters of the Quran under the guidance of a highly learned teacher in its recitation.

Our program has been designed for students who have studied the Qaida Al Noorania method. This program is also suitable for students who are able to read the Quran but have not had any formal training in its correct recitation.

Tahseen telawah includes an emphasis on Chapter 29 of the Quran. Students with advanced knowledge are able to start from Chapter 1 of the Quran. Students are individually assessed and then allocated to a class that is suitable for their age, knowledge and ability.

There are a maximum of five (5) students per class and classes are gender segregated. Students are assessed at the end of each term. A voice-recording app/device is used to track student progress.

Overall, the program aims to train students to recite from any page of the Quran with the application of the correct recitation principles in order to improve their overall fluency during reading.


Target age: 10+ years old

Length of class: 1.5 hours

Frequency: Once a week


  • Monday or Thursday, 6:30pm at Auburn centre
  • Tuesday or Thursday, 6:30pm at Bankstown

Duration: 10 weeks per term; 4 terms a year

Course completion: 3-4 years

Pre-requisites:  Student must be able to read the Quran

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