Our Intermediate program is an extension of the Foundation Program. It is a segregated, values-based course with an emphasis on Arabic and Quran reading/recitation, spiritual growth, basic and relevant Islamic knowledge, and character development.

Students have the opportunity to further explore and learn Arabic through the in-depth study of Quranic Arabic or Classical Arabic. Students will focus on correct pronunciation, reading, writing, vocabulary development, syntax and the application of grammar rules.

The program also provides students with solid skills in the recitation and/or memorisation of the Quran, in particular Chapter 29. Also, students will explore lessons from the Quran, and will impart with strong Islamic principles, values and behaviours

In addition, the principles of Islamic jurisprudence are explored in greater depth. Students will explore age-appropriate and relevant themes and topics that focus on their connection with their Creator, such as the purpose of life, purification, prayer, stories of the Prophets.

The Intermediate program enables students to participate in extracurricular events and programs that focus on improving a student’s wellbeing, and it further supports their Islamic, personal and social development.


Target age: 10 years and over

Length of class: 3 hours

Frequency: Once a week


  • Monday to Friday, starting 4:30pm/5pm
  • Saturday, 9am and 12:30pm/1pm
  • Sunday, 9:30am

Duration: 10 weeks per term; 4 terms a year

Course completion: 3-4 years

Prerequisite:  Basic Quran reading and recitation knowledge

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