Our weekly halaqa (learning circle) program facilitates the teaching of age-appropriate and relevant Isamic knowledge and contemporary issues in a stress free and fun environment. It focuses on person and spiritual development in an engaging and close-knit group.

Content taught is sharia-based and includes topics such as: gender-relations, homosexuality, Islamic dress standards, purification (taharrah) and prayer (salah). Our halaqa programs are taught by experienced, knowledgeable teachers in Islamic Studies. Alfirdaus College and non-Alfirdaus College students are welcome to attend.

Our program aims to educate students in an informal, respectful and caring environment that emphasis the teachings of the Quran and of Prophet Muhamamd (PBUH). It is a sisterhood/brotherhood that invites students to explore Islam and its application in their day-to-day lives.


Target age: 12+ years old

Length of class: 1.5 hours

Frequency: Once a week

Availability: See your centre

Duration: 10 weeks per term; 4 terms a year

Pre-requisites:  No pre-requisites

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