29 March

Fiqh of Fasting & Etiquettes of Ramadan

Mar 29 5:00pm -7:00pm

274 Miller Rd, Villawood


Event Closed


Date:Mar 29 5:00pm -7:00pm
Event Category:Teenage Boys


Venue Name:Alfirdaus Chester Hill
Address:274 Miller Rd, Villawood
Ages:12yrs - 17yrs

Calling all Teenage boys to join us as we go into the fiqh of fasting and the etiquettes of Ramadan

Topics covered;

  • Obligation of Ramadan
  • Virtues of Fasting
  • Start & End of fasting
  • What breaks the fast
  • Making up missed days
  • Dos and Don’ts
  • making the most of your day
  • breaking your fast