A concession may be applied to certain programs and/or enrolment cases. Eligibility will be determined according to Alfirdaus College’s tuition fee policy. A concession may be considered in the following special circumstances, including, but not limited to, a:

  • Single parent who is not working and/or is not receiving child support
  • Widow who is not working and/or is not receiving any financial assistance
  • Orphan
  • Financial hardship

All applications for a concession must include a valid reason, proof of eligibility and provide all the details requested in the questions outlined in this application form. If you are not eligible to receive a concession, full tuition fees will apply.

Terms & Conditions:

  • ·A minimum of 50% of tuition fees must be paid before the concession application is processed.
  • Concessions do not apply to resource tuition fees.
  • Applicants who receive a concession are not entitled to further concessions (i.e. 10% early bird and 20% yearly discounts).
  • Approved concessions must pay the tuition fees as per concession approval within the first 4 weeks of every term, unless stated otherwise, or the concession is forfeited.
  • Students who quit and return after a period of 1 term or more must reapply for concession . Concessions approved prior to students quitting are not automatically applied if they return.

A breach of the terms and conditions will automatically cancel the concession approval; resubmission of concession application will also be required.