We have uploaded some amazing and beneficial educational tracks for our 3-5 year olds. Encourage your child to learn the short chapters from Juz Amma, supplications and wonderful anasheeds. Play the tracks to your child around the house, as you go out for a walk, while sitting in the backyard and anywhere else!

*Please give some of our tracks a few seconds to load.

Short Surahs of Juz Amma

Surah Al Fatiha
Surah An Nas
Surah Al Falaq
Surah Al Ikhlas
Ayat Al Kursi
Surah Al Masad
Surah An Nasr
Surah Al Kafirun
Surah Al Kawthar
What do we say when greeting another Muslim?
How do we reply if someone says Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi WaBarakatu?
What do we say before eating or drinking?
What do we say after we finish eating or drinking?
After a Muslim sneezes, they say? How do we reply?
Before we go to sleep, we must say?
When we wake up, we must say?
Dua when travelling
Arabic letters of the alphabet:
Arabic Alphabet Nasheed:
Let’s count in Arabic up to 30!
Arabic Numbers Nasheed
Days of the Week in arabic
Praising Allah (SWT) Nasheed
A is for Allah, Zain Bhikha
Animals Love the Quran, Dawud Wharnsby
What should we say before we start anything?
Months in Islam with Zaky, Nasheed
My Mother, Yusuf Islam, Nasheed
Colours in Arabic
99 Names of Allah
Ya Habib Allah, Muhammad (PBUH), Arabic Nasheed
5 Pillars of Islam Nasheed
Muhammad Nabina Nasheed
Labaika Allah Humma Labaik